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ConnectIt provides the digital lifeline for workers in hazardous and isolated environments.

We bring industrial workers together with the people and processes that enable them to do their jobs more safely.

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The ConnectIt IS 4G Mobile Gateway

How a day in the life of an industrial worker is evolving

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Yesterday and Today

1. Someone who delivers, installs, operates, or maintains equipment is issued a manual Work Order
2. They arrive at the location (onsite or offsite) to complete the task.
3. While working on the task, they come across something unfamiliar or unanticipated, leading to a delay in completion of the task
4. They call in to dispatch who may try to remote troubleshoot blind
5a. If remote troubleshooting is successful, the worker completes the Task and the Work Order
5b.If remote troubleshooting is unsuccessful, the worker closes out the unfinished Work Order and subject matter expert workers are deployed at a later time

Today and tomorrow


3. While working on the task, they  come across something unfamiliar or unanticipated, leading to a delay in completion of the task

4. When the worker first uncovers the problem, they can use their head mounted tablet’s built-in workflows to manage through the process or troubleshoot the issue

5. Workers can get access to real time reference materials  to work through the process/issue

6. When they can’t find the answer in the reference materials, they can call a remote SME who can see exactly what they’re seeing and walk them through what to do in real time

7. The worker completes the Task and the Work Order and moves on to the next Work Order.


How is COVID-19 Impacting the Industrial Workforce?

According to PWC, energy companies face a number of possible issues and considerations:

  • Energy companies will need to take immediate and contingent safety measures for their employees, in particular, deciding which functions can be done remotely should an outbreak occur within their ranks.

  • Gather necessary data on employees (geography, visa status, etc.) and track movements as closely as possible.

  • Build flexible work arrangements where applicable to minimize close worker proximity, in, for example, field-worker teams.

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